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Hollywood Media Solutions Specializing In Connecting Talent With Opportunity.

Hollywood Media Solutions and our team of specialist work hard to make sure you don’t go unnoticed. With decades of PR experience, We have helped many people make their dreams come true.

We come up with all the idea to help you become a social guru. Want a massive online presence? We are here for you!

Clients are actively looking for solutions to get their name, brand, organization, or business noticed. Everyone’s dream is to be successful and well known. Hollywood Media Solutions specializes in making sure your you are seen…everywhere!

Our Online Marketing consultants specialize in understanding your journey. We can help you develop an online marketing strategy that helps make you easy to find, engaging experiences that inspire action – from joining your social network community to buying your product to referring your brand to peers and social networks. We want to make sure you are at the top of the list in all aspects!

Let’s face it, today’s online market place is more competitive than ever. You need a digital marketing partner that not only understands the customer journey but how to develop an online marketing strategy that helps you become known as “Trending” wherever fans, prospects, customers, casting directors and companies may be looking: search, social media, industry media or email.

As a one-stop digital marketing agency, you can count on Hollywood Media Solutions for specialized marketing consulting services that include:

• Celebrity Publicity, Bookings & Contracts

We have the connections and you have the talent. Let us make the deals & book the gigs for you while you entertain the world.

• Consumer & Lifestyle Public Relations

Within a short amount of time we let the world know just who and what you are. We give the people just what they want and help make you a super star! Becoming famous and staying famous is all about publicity, but is bad publicity good publicity? We think not!

Hollywood Media Solutions will manage your reputation control! We will work on getting unwanted attention about you off the internet while helping you obtain good publicity from respectable sources.

• Online Protection / Crisis Control 

Unfortunately becoming famous seems to come with a hefty price. Celebrities and public figures have always been targeted by stalkers and crazy fans but Hollywood Media Solutions knows just how to keep you safe online. We handle those impersonation accounts or stalkers trying to hack for your personal info. We got your back!

• Business Management

Are you always on the go? Do you want a strong online presence but never have the time to keep your social sites or media sites updated? Hollywood Media Solutions will also do all the work for you! Don’t have time to answer a ton of fan mail questions? Let us do it! We will also help you find new available acting roles, performing gigs, interviews, and much much more! We do our best to make sure you are always working and your name is known. Let us help you build your career one step at a time and help you reach your dreams.

• Content Marketing

Your online content impacts the way people find, think, and feel about you or your brand. Creative, innovative content combined with Search Engine Optimization and Social Media best practices is a killer combination that makes you or your business easy to find and attracts, then engages your target audience. Our Content Marketing service puts you or your brand in front of prospects, then convinces them to take your desired action by catering to their needs and solving their pain points through highly targeted, creative, top quality digital content. We want everyone everyone who searches you to find exactly what YOU want them to see. Your approved online content instead of impostors or content that does more damage than good.

• Search Engine Optimization

Those seeking that elusive competitive advantage online see the greatest successes with a strategy that employs optimization best practices. SEO Plus takes into consideration search engines, social network and online news media preferences while catering to your needs. Increase your online visibility and put yourself in front of the right audience.

• Social Media Marketing

Understanding your audience is key to your success in social media. McCaffery Media Group observes to see exactly what your audience wants most from you. What interest them most about you or your business. Finding these demands may extend over weeks or months of information gathering, closely monitoring, and stat building. Put our pioneering combination of traditional marketing, search marketing and social media to work for your brand, to improve direct website traffic, brand buzz and search engine rankings.

• Email Marketing

If you’re looking to add email marketing to part of your integrated online marketing program, our team of results-driven professionals can work with you to deliver a professional weekly newsletter that helps you build a relationship with all whom you want to reach without having to get too personal. We will help you choose from several options to find one that will fit your needs.

• Search and Social Ads

Online advertising allows people to find you or your business beyond their existing networks, to tap into new, highly targeted audiences via search, social or display ads. We ensure you will get the best exposure in social advertising through strategic planning, top quality ad creative, and ongoing campaign measurement and optimization.

• Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization

Our data-driven approach will help us determine which metrics are most important and what actions we can take to help you convert more fans, followers, or customers. Additionally, in order to measure your marketing activities against overarching business goals you must analyze the wealth of data at your fingertips. This data will help you identify successes or inefficiencies, as well as drive future content and planning for website improvements.


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